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Request your Starter Kit consisting of 5 Sensors for up to 5 measuring points! All service and dashboard access is included in the price.


Plug and Play

You don't need anything else to get started. Just place the sensors into the concrete (or pre-fab formwork) as instructed. They will start delivering right away!



The measurement run live and without interruption. The data is uploaded into our dashboard and can be easily exported for your reports

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ConcR Starter Kit

Getting this Starter Kit will enable you to thoroughly test our technology on location with your use case!

One Starter Kit includes:

  • 5 ConcR Sensors (for up to 5 measuring points)
  • Dashboard-Access for data visualization
  • Personal instructions on how to use our system
  • If needed: consultations with our engineers on how to best employ our sensors on your site

Order your kit today and we'll help you get started with the initial setup and walk you through the process so you can save time and improve your concrete maturity testing.

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Process integration

All data is automatic and securely sent to your desired location on the cloud for easy access.

Distance Monitoring

Always be in the know of what is happening with your concrete. No matter where you are.

Always on schedule

Stop wasting time with lab results. With ConcR you save time and money.


Reliable Quality Control

Temperature measurement

Monitor temperature changes both within the concrete’s core as well as on the surface and get automatic notifications before the specified values are exceeded.

Test compressive strength

The compressive strength is measured by the maturity index method based on the temperature and the age of the concrete.

Estimation of concrete hardening

Improve your project planning with automatic estimates of when your concrete will reach the required specifications.


Easy Management


No more thermocouple cables! ConcR IoT sensors wirelessly send data, delivering reliable information even in deep bulk loads.

Real Time Data

Temperature readings from concrete are transmitted in real time so that you can be on top of the process at every step.

Digital data acquisition

Whether a large airport, a national motorway or a commercial building, ConcR can digitally measure and deliver metrics to your device.


Digital Administration

Central data management

All data is stored in the cloud and shown on our web-based dashboard or on your preferred Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform.

Automatic reporting

QA/QC report automation with details of your concrete pouring and histograms to visualize temperature changes and strength development.

Better planning

Review real-time and historical records at any time so that you can adjust and plan your upcoming work based on data-driven decisions.

Winner of


Technical specifications


2 x Temperature Measurement points:

  1. One Measurement point on the case 
  2. Other Measurement point extended into structural element via cable (up to 3m)

Temperature Range

Extreme Temperatures from as low as -40°C up to +60°C

Temperature Accuracy


Wireless Network

NB-IoT / LTE Cat-M

Data Collection Frequency

Customizable anytime over the air.

Default frequency: 

  • first 7 days: every 10 minutes 
  • Day 7 - 28: every 30 minutes 
  • After day 28: every 2 hours

Data Sync

Automated synchronization with the ConcR mobile app (both available in iOS and Android), desktop dashboard as well as existing Building Information Modelling software such as Revit from Autodesk

Battery Life 

2 Years

Enclosure Material 

Rugged ABS material IP65

Product Dimensions

35 / 35 / 90 mm

ASTM C1074

DIN EN 13670 / DIN 1045-3

Complied Standards


Don’t take our word for it

Get the five-sensor Starter Kit and try for yourself!

No prepayment requiredFree shipping

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